Welcome to CAPA

The Community Association of Pakistani Americans of Ohio recognizes the importance of promoting a positive image of Pakistan among the American populace and in media. CAPA is committed to inspiring students to delve into various aspects of Pakistan, including its geography, history, environment, people, culture, and heritage. By engaging the next generation of Americans in exploring Pakistans culturally rich heritage, we aim to foster a positive understanding. Enhancing Pakistans positive image stands as a potent and enduring strategy for bridging connections between the people of Pakistan and the United States.

CAPA-Ohio spearheaded Ohios pioneering endowment fund, aimed at providing scholarships to high school and college students across the state. These scholarships were awarded in lump sum amounts on an annual basis, encompassing various categories. Among these categories was the College Scholarship, granted to two high school seniors embarking on their college journey. These students demonstrated their commitment by crafting exceptional essays on yearly topics chosen by the Scholarship Committee. These topics focused on shedding light on the positive facets of Pakistan, including its land, geography, environment, people, history, culture, and heritage. The CAPA-Ohio College Scholarships, each valued at $500, were presented twice a year. This initiative created a valuable pathway for Ohios students to excel while fostering appreciation for Pakistans diverse attributes.