CAPA Celebrates Pakistan Day Independence with Grand Fair!

CAPA Celebrates Pakistan Day Independence with Grand Fair!

Mark your calendars for August 14th, 2023, as CAPA proudly presents the Pakistan Day Independence Day Fair. It's a celebration that brings the heart and soul of Pakistan's culture, music, and family values right to our community's doorstep.

We've meticulously planned an unforgettable experience for all attendees. The event will be graced by talented singers who will infuse the air with melodious tunes, and the aroma of delicious food will tantalize your taste buds. But that's not all – we've curated exciting activities for the kids that are sure to bring smiles to their faces.

Our aim is to unite the Pakistani community in Columbus, as well as promote the richness of our culture. Through this fair, we want to showcase the unity that exists within our diverse community, emphasizing how Pakistanis work together, live together, and celebrate together harmoniously.

While enjoying the festivities, we also have an important message to share. We invite all Pakistanis to become part of the CAPA family by becoming members. As a non-profit organization, CAPA relies on the support of its members to continue organizing meaningful events and initiatives that serve our community's interests.

Your presence at the Pakistan Day Independence Day Fair will not only make the event more special but will also contribute to our mission of empowering our community through cultural awareness and unity. Join us in celebrating Pakistan's independence and the beautiful tapestry of our diverse heritage!

Come one, come all, and let's make this event a memorable occasion for everyone.